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Why Snowflake can be a game-changer for your business?

Why Snowflake can be a game-changer for your business?

In today’s data-driven world, data warehousing has become an integral part of every business. While the traditional data warehouse system is already obsolete due to its complex architecture and huge investments, Snowflake has really revolutionized this industry with its unique architecture and pricing model.

To define Snowflake in simple terms, it is an advanced data platform with a unique architecture provided as Software-as-as-Service (SaaS). It enables data storage, processing, and analytics solutions that are faster and easier to use than the traditional data warehouse. Its architecture allows storage and computing to scale independently as per the needs of the organization, thus allowing the customers to pay only for the resources utilized.

Some of the key advantages that an organization can gain from using Snowflake are;

  1. Easy Implementation – It is offered as SaaS which brings all the data in one system and manages the complete infrastructure including hardware and software components.

  2. Cloud-First Approach – It supports multi-cloud systems and cross-cloud applications. This tool can be deployed on top of Amazon Web Services, Google Cloud, and Microsoft Azure.

  3. Performance – It can process a huge volume of queries and allows users to scale up or down the workloads without affecting the system’s overall performance. Thus, supports a sudden increase in users and fluctuating demands.

  4. Low Cost – The pricing approach followed is to pay as you use, where the users will need to pay only for the storage consumed and computing power deployed to process their requests. There is no upfront or initial investment needed.

  5. Supports multiple data structures – It supports both structured and unstructured data, and stores them in a centralized database without any need for transformation or conversion.

  6. Advanced data sharing capabilities – The users can securely share their data with other consumers without duplicating it. Hence, it eliminates data movement and unnecessary usage of storage, allowing the user to pay only for processing the data.

  7. Self-managing – It is a fully managed cloud data warehouse platform that supports auto-scaling, data sharing, and big data workload operations. It can automatically load data using Bridge Data Lake software.

  8. Access & security – The biggest benefit is the high availability and distribution of services across all the regions with constant performance, and not allowing any impact when there are any system failovers.

As a Snowflake Partner, Gizmeon specializes in helping our clients turn raw data into valuable business insights. Our deep understanding of database management, analytics, and integration with forward-thinking cloud leadership will give you a comprehensive vision. At Gizmeon, we have the certified, skilled, and expert engineers on staff, ready to work on your initiative and also manage your Snowflake environment.

Our Snowflake offerings include the following;

  • Data warehouse migration to Snowflake

  • Integrations with Snowflake data warehouses

  • Snowflake Consulting services

  • Managed Snowflake Services

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