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How AI-powered Dialogflow has transformed customer engagement?

How AI-powered Dialogflow has transformed customer engagement?

All leading companies depend on chatbot implementation for easing their operations related to communication with the end-users. Chatbots rely on AI to provide new and engaging ways for users to interact with your product.  Dialogflow is Google-owned human-computer interchange technology based on natural language conversations.  

The web interface provided by Dialogflow makes it effortless, even for a non-technology person, to create basic Q&A chatbots in a short period. Dialogflow also supports intents and entities. Moreover, it provides integration with Google Assistant, Facebook Messenger, Skype, websites, Slack, Twitter, and many others. Furthermore, it supports 20 languages, including English, French, Hindi, Spanish, Portuguese, Chinese, etc.  

By introducing these new features below, Dialogflow has become the most demanding chatbot for enterprises recently; 

1) Partial Response Streaming – Dialogflow CX usually transmits responses to the end-user once the agent turn is over. It usually takes 10-15 seconds while the chatbot is silent and remains inactive. By launching this Streaming Partial Response feature, customers can add static responses while executing the webhook at the same time. 

2) Search everyplace – The recent global search functionality by Dialogflow CX encourages users to explore, filter, and access resources like pages, intents, training phrases, webhooks, route groups, entity types, and more. One can effortlessly search crucial resources using the ‘resource type’ filter while searching.  

3) Continuous Integration / Continuous Deployment – Chatbot implementation usually runs hundreds of test cases for quality assurance which is hectic manual work. In this feature, a set of test cases configured for an environment are automatically run to confirm the intended behavior of the agent in that environment, thus reducing errors. 

4) Change Diffs – Users can log into changes made by the agent by clicking each entry in the change history table to view the specs of each resource and see what exactly has changed. 

There are many more changes coming the way. The above features will enhance the collaboration experience in Dialogflow CX, bring visual builder advancements, and help our power users build and manage bots more smartly. 

Gizmeon provides the Google Dialogflow chatbot development service to help you support and engage your customers with ease. Our professional team can devise and embed AI chatbots with intelligent features. We work on various chatbot integrations to create workflows, define several integration points, and implement different marketing and up-selling capabilities. In addition, Gizmeon will help you to fine-tune NLP capabilities, bot agent handoff, etc.  

Stay tuned for more updates on Dialogflow features.  

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