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Grow revenue by deploying Smart Ad Tech solutions

Publishers and suppliers can substantially increase revenue by deploying Ad Tech Solutions.

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Strategies & Solutions
Accelerate Ad revenue growth.
Cloud based solutions
Optimized to minimize operating costs.
Continuous Improvements
Keep up with industry changes.
Solutions that work across platforms.
Integrations to existing Ad Tech vendors.
Programmatic Advertising
For increased Ad efficiencies.

Our modular, scalable, portable solutions

Ad Server

Ad Server Development

Publishers and supply side partners can increase revenue by building a customized ad server and reduce overhead from third party platforms.


Ad SDKit Development

Ad SDKs to mediate between ad vendors and collect valuable data will ensure maximum advertising revenue.


SSP / DSP Development

A custom demand side platform and supply side platform built-in house will provide flexibility and a range of business advantages.

Ad Revenue

Ad Revenue Optimization

With great industry experience and we will be able assist publishers and ad servers to increase the revenue by deploying smart technologies.


Data Management Platform

Data Management Platforms (DMP) increases the revenue considerably and opens up multiple revenue streams in retargeting and smart buying areas.


Real Time Bidding

Real time bidding (RTB) is an integral component in Ad tech Industry and understanding and deploying smart RTB engines and integrations are key to future.

Google DFP

DFP Ad Server Integrations

Google DFP integration with technical compliance ensure a consistent revenue flow and a smart integration with DFP can increase the revenue substantially.


Header Bidding

Header bidding integration or hosting an header bidding server is new trend in programmatic advertising helping publishers to increase revenue quickly.