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Digital Signage Project for US-based client

Digital Signage Project for US-based client
This Digital Signage project was executed by the Smart TV App development team.
Advanced Digital out of home solution with smart TV apps and HTML5 For a US-based client
React JS, Node JS, PostgreSQL, Android, iOS, Tableau, Bigquery, Kinesis, Redis, Google Cloud, Firebase, DevOps, Micro Services
The project involves Android TV and HTML5 based front end and a complex backend including content management solution, Role-based access control, programmatic ad tech stack integrated with various ad exchanges. One of the key successes of the project was the implementation of remote device management and the ability to completely control the end devices in the field from the backend and automated device health check and preventive maintenance. Delivered complex Analytics dashboard, AI-based prediction engine enabling intelligent decision making. The project is a huge success and the client continues to expand their revenue and market reach continuously.
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