Is your Business ready for Digital Transformation ?

Irrespective of size of Business, Industry segment Digital is going to shape the business future in next few years

Do you know larger Organization are started making investments in Digital Transformation . Mobility ,Big Data ,IOT and Cloud Technologies are going to change the technology influence in Business growth . Those who are getting it right is taking a Big Advantage over the completion and those are losing are facing a business survival challenge ? If we scan through the results of some of the retail big bbrands we can see some of them already made Big Jump in Business in 2016 from Digital and some of them are struggling to match .

Key pointers taken from various sources of studies

  • More Data is created in last 2 years than the history of human race
  • More than 1.2 trillion searchers happening in internet every year
  • By 2020 Mobile devices internet traffic will overtake desktop
  • Mobile Media time is already surpassed Desktop media time
  • 71% of Buyers refer a social media prior making a purchase
  • Prediction is 50b devices will be connected to internet  by 2020
  • By 2020 we may have more than 6 billion smart phone users
  • By 2020 at least  3rd of the data will pass through cloud

Is it only the use of smart phones and internet changing? No, Business are changing the way they use internet and data . A digital transformation is already started in most of business segments. In some segments the digital transformations are already started influencing the business race.

Mr. Kris Arkay, the business consultant at says that now in Dubai, every business inclusive of startups looks forward to new, fast and frequently changing digital technology to solve their problems and move a step ahead from their competition.

Few are some good examples

• How Amazon is continually leading the market by adopting continuous digital adoption strategies
• How Best Buy survived Amazon threat and beat many of the competitors due to an increased online sales growth
• Domino’s increased sales past 2 years and main contributor is their increased digital adoption –Not just online buabilityy to track , give feedback via most available digital channels
• Uber success story

So what is Digital transformation for SMBs. Most of the SMBs think digital transformation is creation of a web site and Mobile App. Simply building a web site or Mobile App is not going to help to capture the full potential of Digital transformation. This is just a tiny part of Digital transformation. Digital transformation is the process of making every part of an Organization to cater digital future.

Gizmeon’s Approach towards Digital Transformation

Gizmeon starts digital transformation journey from understanding As is state. We go through every element of an organization including Sales , Services , Operations , Human Resources ,Finance etc and evaluate digital transformation opportunities , touch points ,value chain and ROI and create a Digital transformation strategy. It is very important to ensure every digital transformation initiatives we take, be it web site ,Mobile App , Big Data Analytics , IOT implementation should be part of one story. It is important to avoid disjoint efforts from various departments of Organization defining their own Digital road map


Mobile App DevelopmentAs stated above by 2020 Mobile internet traffic is going to over take desktop. Also current studies indicates avarage time spend on mobile by consumers are more than  desktops . So Mobile App Development  and transacting ,interacting with  customers are  going to be key priority in 2017. Mobile Apps are already penetrating to internal organizational process including project Management ,HR etc . Gizmeon also see a trend of some of the organizations are Mobile First ,Mobile Only  model in some segments and business processes . Going forward mobility does not mean only smartphones but other smart devices including smart devices and smart wears are also needs to be considered

Value of Data

Every Organizations irrespective of small or big have huge amount of data being produced in every second. Majority of these data is being not captured, not understood. It is important to rely the value this data can bring to Organizations. Carefully defining Enterprise Data strategy is key process during digital transformation planning. One of the key step in Digital transformation is identification of Data and understanding how efficiently we can derive value out of it. Big Data is going to play great role in Business future.

Moving Towards Cloud

The increasing Amount of data and variety of sources make it difficult to support an IT estate using transitional in house infrastructure. Also many of the software vendors are now providing cloud based offerings which will help companies to reduce capital expenditure wherever possible

IOT – Story is still unfolding

Internet of things

By 2020 it is expected to have 50M devices connecting to internet and it is going to make a major difference in daily life of human beings. Companies like Automakers are already started offering new IOT features. This is also challenge to many manufactures as traditional way of how human interact with machines are changing and their traditional designs needs to change . Business will be making more and more use of internet enabled devices to optimize operations and provide new experience to their customers. In retail segments this is already showing results.
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