App – Plan My Fun (Perfec)

This Mobile and Web application development was implemented by Gizmeon’s Web development team and Mobile(iOS and Android) team and the data syncing solution was built with a NOSQL database

Client :

PMF (Plan My Fun) / Perfec was developed for an Entrepreneur based out of USA.

Project :

The idea is to offer customers to choose their local based on their social references. App offers cool features like plan my fun where group of friends can get together in common places which everyone likes

Requirement :

The App provided personalized recommendations of places to go to, near to a user’s current location based on users saved history and purchases.App also offers to share  the places we liked with our friends . App is having real time syncing capability offering a smooth experience

Solution :

The App was built on iOS and Android with Couchbase as the database syncing data and serving content

Couchbase Sync Gateway is a key Internet facing component of Couchbase Mobile stack that enables secure data synchronization across Couchbase Lite enabled clients.

Couchbase Mobile 2.0 introduced a brand new websockets based replication protocol for data synchronization that is more efficient than it’s HTTP based predecessor.Sync Gateway has to be configured to enforce data routing, access control and authorization.

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