The Difference is in the Details: Android 4.3 vs Android 4.2

Though the world has long been anticipating Android’s next big thing, version 5 Key Lime Pie, to hit smartphones soon, it looks like the wait is going to be a very long one. What will come before it, however, is the final build of the Jelly Bean operating system, version 4.3. Though may be not as cutting edge as Key Lime Pie, Android 4.3 is sure to bring in marked improvements of its own. We attempt to see what exactly these will be and how worth it will it be for you to leave behind Android 4.2 and jump on the 4.3 bandwagon.


The camera app on Android 4.2.2 is pretty user friendly on its own but according to reports theinterface is about to change in the next build. The change will most likely be for the better, since the wagon-wheel control, often irritating to use, will be replaced by an arc-type control along the bottom/side of the interface. The tech gurus over at The Full Signal compare this set-up to that which is present in the latest version of the operating system that comes with the Google Play editions of the Samsung Galaxy S4 and the HTC One.


Connecting to the internet is expected to be quick and convenient with Android 4.3 since the build is believed to ship with an always on option for Wi-Fi. A device running on the software will continually scan for connections to get online. The new always on functionality is supposedly built to ‘improve location accuracy and for other purposes’ and is apparently designed to conserve battery life. At this point in time though, it is tough to say how it will do so.

Third Party Notifications

Android’s new build will, in all probability, allow third party apps to manage notifications. The Full Signal came across a leaked code for Jelly Bean’s version 4.3 and found that other apps can take care of the things that the notification panel on the 4.2 build currently handles. This will, in fact, make the platform even more customizable. In fact, the leaked code also suggests that new strings in it could possibly facilitate the operating system to work in tandem with Google Glass.


It seems that Android is going all out with its final version of the Jelly Bean OS. Not only is it giving it a changeover in functionality, it is also giving it a makeover in looks. The font used in Android 4.3 is supposedly a different Roboto typeface than what is currently available on Android 4.2.

Bluetooth LE

This will certainly be one of the bigger changes that Android will bring to its new and improved operating system. Google will implement Bluetooth Low Energy on the platform, an update with health care, security and fitness apps that will be available to users without sucking out power from their devices or from peripherals.

From all that is known and rumoured about Android 4.3, it certainly isn’t the big change that everyone was hoping will come in the form of Key Lime Pie this year but it does have a few aces up its sleeve. Sure, most of the changes are bump-ups from what is available on Android 4.2, but they may just make the OS smoother and more personalized than ever before.
We will be looking out for more news, views and reviews about Android’s version 4.3 of the Jelly Bean platform – stay with us on gizmeon to know more.



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