How to effectively use social media For Mobile apps

During app design and development one of the key consideration to make is how we can use leverage social media to enable  growth of App user bases and effective engagement

Why social Media

As vast majority of the customer base is already using one or other social media regularly- effective integration with social media will help to on board and retain app users. Seamless and effective integration will give a very convenient way to users to engage app and other users

How to Begin

Develop a social media strategy for the app. Key questions to be asked during this stage is

  • What are the different social media channels being used by target customers
  • Is there any common functionality or related contents are being shared between app functionality and social media
  • Common trends among similar apps
  • Any potential risks in using social media
  • What analytics we can get from social Media
  • How to promote app using social Media
  • What all content from app would be interested by users to publish in social media

What all different way we can use social media

  • Authentication via social media – It Is very common practice to have a social media login in app . Majority of the apps will have Facebook and Google as common practice. However twitter and LinkedIn is also best bet based on app functionality and usage . Key advantages
  • Major advantage on this is reduction of anonymous users
  • Easy and low data entry using Registration . Its always an advantage to keep all information ,images ready just after login by pulling these information
  • Data collection – This is a major advantage social medias not just give basic details like email /profile image etc but also give many detailed information about the user . Facebook also give option to request for more details with conditions
  • Friends – This solve a question of how to relate users . Facebook give friends details which help relate users
  • Pictures and Videos Access – Most of social medias give conditional access to Galleries which apps will be able to display
  • Posting – Sharing –tagging – To bring virility towards app – Sharing and tagging friends in social media will help to spread the app reach
  • Video and image sharing – Instagram and YouTube can be used to publish videos and photos users taken via app.
  • Posts and Tweets – Facebook and Twitter allows to display relevant posts and tweets inside app.
  • Place and tagging – This is another efficient way to engage users and combining location sensitivity
  • Analytics – Give an informative dashboard on users how their pubic contents are performing in social media

Things to Watch out

  • One of the major point be addressed in social media integration is to avoid over doing and  users feeling  like App is invading to their privacy
  • Protection of Data gathered from social media
  • One of the common mistake app designers to do is try to replicate social media platforms rather than using it. Keep in mind the social media platforms are much poplar and users would want to continue using it. It is the efficient way of placing your app with in social media group is the success
  • Ensure the designer and developer follows social media guidelines
  • Content screening – Ensures right contents are displayed in app from social media

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