Social Media Analytics

Social Media Analytics

Social Media Analytics
Social Media Analytics


Social Media Analytics is  one of the key focus areas for the companies who focus on  Digital  Marketing  and Sales .  Many of the companies social media as one among their key Marketing tool .  This is mainly due to realization  of  potential of social media and and its usage base . However very few organisation have a  Social Media Analytics strategy and most often depends on manual data collection .

Gizmeon brings a comprehensive  Big Data solution for Social Media Analytics .  Our solution is not a genric data pulling solution . Our social media analatic approach starts from understand Customer Business domain and current usage of social and digital medial Analytics .  It include product strategies, competitors , customer base etc and we customize our  Social Media Analtics suit  based on this informations

Key Features

  • Consolidated view of  All Social Media Platforms
  • Real time Analytics
  • Include Facebook , twitter , Linkedin ,  Youtube , instagram etc
  • Amazing reporting capability , customisable reports , graphs ,charts etc
  • Extensive list of parameters, dimensions capable of both summarized and drilled down view
  • Highly  targeted towards business needs
  • Sentimental  Analysis capabilities
  • Integration with Mobile and Web Analytics

Facebook Analytics

Facebook is key social Marketing tool mainly because its large user base .   We  create  many granular reports  based on Facebook data  like

  • Competitor Analysis
  • Content  Analytics
  • Interaction Analysis
  • Impression Analysis
  • User Analytics
  • Sentiment Analysis
  • Fans Analytics

Twitter Analytics 

Twiter Analytics is another great area of Social media Analytics .    Twitter being one of the most popular and viral social media and tweets and retweets are great source of information for companies

  • Tweet Analytics
  • Follower Analytics
  • User Base Analytics
  • Negative   Analysis
  • Hashtag analysis

Youtube Analytics & Instagram Analytics

Youtube and Instgram are two major video sharing and advertising platforms . Many companies creates  amazing video contents  and it is important to know  how social media is responding to the contnet