Project Brillo – An Android based Platform for your home


Internet of things
Internet of things

Google has announced their I/O conference that they would be developing the Brillo -the “underlying operating system for the internet of things.”. Brillo will be developed based on Andriod Platform and it can supports Wi-Fi, Bluetooth Low Energy, and other Android things.

What is this Project Brillo.?

Basically Project Brillo – An Android based Platform for your home. This android -driven operating system can fit into ovens, thermostats, alarms, locks,washing machines and any appliance that could use a boost in brain power. And you can control these appliances from your phone , from anywhere in the world. So, for example, you might use your smartphone to control a Brillo-powered gadget with your voice, which routes your request from your phone, through the cloud, and to the connected Brillo-powered product. The hardware requirements for Brillo will be minimal. Since it’s based on Android, Google execs said security will be a top priority.

Along with Brillo, Google announced ‘Weave‘ which allows devices to communicate with each other. so basically
Weave is the library of terms and commands that will be used universally among supported devices. It’s a common language for IoT devices and developers will be able to submit their own terms to become part of the language
.Apple has its HomeKit, but that assumes all users are on iOS. Weave has advantage here because it is a cross-platform common language (based on JSON) and will allow developers to support their users on whatever platform they choose.


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