Gizmeon platform supports the below major services:

Live Streaming Services

If you are looking for a Live Streaming solution, Gizmeon can help you go-live with your content, event or channel instantly! Live Stream sports, events, news or even business conferences & training to your audience with ease. Gizmeon’s Live Streaming Engine has the capability to manage everything that lets you launch a Multi-Screen Live Video Streaming platform without any knowledge of coding or IT-related headaches. From something as complex as live-streaming TV Channel feeds to something as simple as a laptop, webcam, or mobile camera based feeds, our live streaming software & technology supports all kinds of requirements and can be customized to support whatever your needs might be.


  • HLS and RTMP Feed
  • Satellite Feeds
  • Stream using Cameras (Mobile or Laptop)
  • Stream multiple channels at once
  • Embed Live Streaming                                                                                                 


Live TV Streaming

With Gizmeon, feel the beauty of high-quality and uninterrupted Live Streaming everywhere. Gizmeon supports direct satellite feeds for streaming Live Events, Sports, etc. With Gizmeon’s unique Playout feature, you can schedule 24*7 Live Movies/Shows just like a traditional TV guide.

Embed Live Streaming

Gizmeon can make it simple for you to start streaming Live from your website. You can also let your viewers embed and share your Live Streaming feed. You can also share Live Streaming with 3rd parties and let them embed your event/channel on their websites for maximum reach.


Gizmeon brings to you the support of both RTMP and HLS feeds for your Live Streaming service. All you have to do is enter your live-feed URL in the backend and Gizmeon’s Video Player will embed the feed and play it back to the viewers instantly.

Monetization of Live Streaming

Gizmeon helps you earn more when you Live Streaming more. Gizmeon offers you all the professional tools and utilities to monetize your Live Streams with a dynamic Ad-Supported Model. The revenues that are generated is added to your bank account automatically.

Peer to Peer Live Streaming

Gizmeon can help you launch your own Facebook Live like service quickly. With our highly customizable mobile apps, you can turn on Peer-to-Peer live video streaming from within your panel and let your users stream live content from their phones and share their live streaming channels.

Build to Scale

Using Gizmeon’s platform, you can start small and upscale as the number of viewers increases. Our platform is 100% automated and there is no manual intervention required to do so.

Video On Demand Services

Gizmeon can help you launch your own branded Multi-Screen Video-on-Demand (VOD) Platform instantly.

Gizmeon provides you with everything, including deploying, hosting and managing the IT Infrastructure to create a complete VOD software solutions with Video CMS, HTML5 Player, Transcoding / Encoding Servers, Subscribers, Billing & User Management, Reports & Analytics as well as building, managing and hosting of the Websites and apps for both Mobiles and TVs.


  • Unlimited Videos
  • Geo Restrictions
  • Multi-Screen
  • No CapEx, No IT, No Coding     



Multi-Screen Platform

No matter what device, all it requires is just minute’s to launch your own OTT Platform. Your platform can be deployed across Websites, Android/iOS Apps, Roku, Apple & Android TV, Amazon Fire TV as well as Smart TVs instantly. Gizmeon’s in-built Video Engine/CMS helps you integrate your videos and create & deploy your streaming platform across different devices and screens!

Video CMS

Gizmeon has built an easy to use Video CMS that acts as a one-stop to a multitude of services used for our VOD Platform. With our Video CMS dashboard, we give you the flexibility to manage everything including servers/CDN, storage/bandwidth consumption, websites, mobile & TV apps to analytics/revenue reports, upload, edit, delete your videos to customize your online video player and logo on the same.

Your Brand

Gizmeon provides a complete White-label platform that uses your logo and brand name on all the websites and mobile apps that we deploy. Gizmeon will publish all the apps to their respective stores under your developer ID and not under Gizmeon’s. Your viewers will only see your brand name and will not see Gizmeon’s branding anywhere.  


Easily localize your website or App content as per your viewer’s location and preference with Gizmeon. Our platform enables you to communicate with your viewers in a language that they understand. Gizmeon supports all language transcripts that have characters that are UTF-8 encoded and compatible. You can translate and upload multiple languages for your platform and geographically tag them too.


Gizmeon enables monetization for your content with Ad support. Apart from supporting different revenue models, Gizmeon will soon support features like Coupon Codes, Voucher Purchases, Video bundling, access to videos with or without site registration, charging to user’s card directly on apps like iOS and Android, etc, giving you a complete control over the way you want to monetize your platform.


The ability to block certain video content from certain countries or regions is an unfortunate necessity. That is why Gizmeon comes with strong in-built Geo-Blocking facility. Gizmeon supports Geo-Blocking at two levels – Platform Level or Content Level. Our platform gives you complete control of how you want to configure it.


Gizmeon Platform comes fully equipped with the ability to defend your platform against all types of cyber threats that currently causes huge losses to the entertainment industry. Gizmeon comes default with DRM features that keeps your contents safe by encrypting the videos and preventing them from being captured or pirated. Gizmeon’s Watermarking feature further enhances security by watermarking your videos during playback. Gizmeon conducts a multitude of tests and audits regularly to ensure a high level of protection 24×7.


 Looking for a future-proof and scalable media solution?