Native vs Phonegap

Native vs Phonegap

Native Vs Phonegap
Native Vs Phonegap

Native vs Phonegap is  always a question asked while  finalizing a mobile strategy to enterprises. its often difficult to understand why should we develop in Native languages as there are platforms which can work across operating systems

Native : Native is development using APIs and functions provided by OS ( Android ,IOS) and seamlessly use all capabilities . However Native needs to develop n the specific languages OS provides -Like (Android using Java , IOS using Objective C)

Phonegap: (Hybrid) is a Open source framework a HTML wraper over OS . Since development using PhoneGap framework could be done using common web technologies such as HTML, CSS and JavaScript, and the same application could work cross-platform, the application development cost for multiple mobile OS is y less compared to the application development in the native way. Cost and Time is an advantage here along with maintainability

However Phonegap comes with some drawback

  • Low Performance. As it an wrapper created over OS – Phonegap has a visible performance lack compared to Native
  • Optimization Capabilities : Phonegap does not provide Application optimization opportunities much
  • Low graphics capabilities
  • UI – Native have high UI experience compare to Phonegap .
  • UI Performance : Phone gap need more time to load .For example
  • Clicks are more responsive on native apps, but with hybrid, the user may need to click more than once in order for the app to response. However, there are some workarounds for this problem.
  • Scrolling list feel seemless on native apps, but with hybrid, the user may feel some frame loading delays. There are also some workaround for this problem with hybrid that may help reduce the frame per second delays in hybrid
  • Large animations execute much more fluid on native apps, but with hybrid apps, large animations may not behave seamlessly.
  • Security -Depending on the security requirements of the project, native apps may provide better security environment; Hybrd Apps may face limitations based on framework
  • Attempting improving performance and UI improvement in Phonegap will need more time and cost . Hence if you are developing good performance and user experince app Phonegap will be costlier and provide less results

We have number of example quoted app developed in Hybrid platforms later converted to Native for performance . Even people says number of famous apps migrated to Native over performance

We ourselves have one app originally developed by an another vendor in Hybrid platform – we recreated using Native with visible performance improvement

We Recommend to choose phonegap over native only when

  • The project have  financial constraints
  • UI and performance expectations are  lower side
  • Want to do a Quick POC to showcase to the stakeholders

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