Mobility solutions for retailers

Mobility solutions for Retailers

Mobility solutions for retailers are  changing retail sector and shop owners and chains are using Mobility  as a key  factor to win competition .  Article explains how mobility can be used in Retail shops to win the competition

In store Mobile solutions

Sales Man Mobile Application  

A tablet Application to  in store sales work force  will bring quite bit of changes to in store customer experience . This will help

    • Aiding customer to choose right product . Often sales person knowledge about product ,Market ,prices are challenged and often create doubts on customers mind . App can provide  easy navigation ,Price-feature comparisons which can create a confidence in customers and fasten app sales cycle
    • Purchase Engagement – Can assist user to purchase assistant , Enabling service options ,Purchasing related items etc
    • customer Engagement – Can have creative engagement to Engage customer and making more aware of Brands
    • Customer specific selling – Sales App often equiped with customer history and  can help sales man to have a personalized selling startegy

Along with  aiding sales process the solution should bring a useful analytics  to shop owner .Not about customer bought , Who accompanied customer , gender ,Ethnicity, Which product more interested customer , Product which were looked at not bought etc . This will help to shop owners to run  effective campaigns and increase revenue

Point of sales 

Another advantage  mobility can bring is  getting away with large POS machines and use mobile app to do  the billing .Not just saves time – but it  increase productivity between sales and Billing .

Customer Mobile App

Customer Mobile  App is another key value addition even for non eCommerce stores . Shops can use smart techniques like giving Offers , Warranty card in Mobile app , Bills in Mobile to make customers interested to download mobile app . Key advantage is customer mobile app is going to be a two way communication tool with shops and customers and it eliminates loyalty cards ,paper bills etc

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