Mobile First

Adopting a mobile first strategy  helping various enterprises to drive business growth and lead the race

What is Mobile First?

Simple terms  Derive IT strategy giving a primary focus to Mobile

Why Mobile First?

Mobile /tablet has largest penetration last two years and large percentage of  people around the world access mobile  more frequently that any other electronic device . Sticking to old conventional business strategy may not be a wise idea. Mobile gives better and effective way to reach end customers /employees/partners.

A Word from Industry Relevant People

Webmaster/SEO consultant at MyHobbes, Mr. Hobbes S Sujith says that mobile-first indexing was enabled by default from July 1st, 2019.   It simply implies that from this date onwards, Google predominantly will use the mobile version for indexing and ranking purpose.  To guide the webmasters, Google even provided guidelines, which includes but not limited to

  • Googlebot should be able to access and render the content.
  • Content should be the same for desktop and mobile users.
  • If you’ve structured data, make sure that it’s available for both the versions.
  • Metadata should be the same for both the versions.
  • Check for the placement of your ads on mobile devices.
  • Check visual content

The business consultant, Mr. Kris Arkay at adds that he too has felt the requirement in the industry for websites that give priority for mobile view.  Mr. Prasad Amore, the CMD and the chief consultant at SoftMind say that now with mobile devices being available to everyone due to its affordability and necessity, everyone prefers browsing through a smartphone rather than using PC.  He has mentioned smartphone addiction in one of his blog posts.

What is the trend in Mobile First World –during the business strategy formation below takes a lead

  • Launch multi-platform Mobile Applications to reach customer /similar to website
  • Launch Self service Multiplatform Mobile Application for customer
  • Reach employees via Mobile Apps
  • Effective integration of Social and Mobile
  • Think about a new logo /UI looks in Mobile first rather than web
  • BYOD for employees
  • Enabling business reporting to Mobile Apps
  • Mobilisation of  ERPs ,CRMs and custom applications and gives higher operational efficiency
  • Implement Mobile Security ,compliance , Mobile Device Management
  • Take Mobile Analytics to core

How we can help?

Gizmeon is well experienced in designing a digital agenda for you . We can help you to effectively implement Mobile – Social – Web Applications and design a Business strategy (Sales , Operations , Marketing – etc) using Mobile