MediaTech this Week 13

Few key things that happened around the Media Tech world this week

Asia Pacific OTT to generate $48 billion

It is expected that Asia Pacific OTT TV episode and movie revenues will reach $48 billion in 2024; up from the current $21 billion. Over 70% of that revenue will come from China and Japan alone. In countries like China, India and Japan, Ad based VOD (AVOD) revenues will far exceed Subscription based VOD (SVOD). India’s SVOD revenues are expected to quadruple while the entire regions SVOD revenue is expected to reach $19 billion in 2024, with China leading the pack.

Apple bets big on OTT

Unlike Apple’s usual events where they focus on their latest-and-greatest gadgets, this time around Apple has focused on launching its own original subscription video, signaling the tech giant’s big move into digital services. Known as Apple TV+, this service is expected to become a critical revenue stream for the tech giant, which has seen a decline in its iPhone sales.

Google eyes future of using less data for ads as prediction power improves

Google is getting so good at predicting internet users’ behaviour that it is seeing “tangible” reductions in the amount of data it needs to serve personalised ads.

Google mulls third-party ad-targeting restrictions

Amid heightened public concern over data privacy, Google is contemplating a number of changes to its consumer- and advertiser-facing tools, with potential changes that could have far-reaching implications for how online media is monetized

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