IOT Platform for small Machine Manufactures

Gizmeon launched our first IOT Platform which  enable manufactures of small machines to completely utilize power of Internet of things .  IOT enable to connect devices to internet , collect data and analyse and respond to various scenarios . IOT is expected to make revolutionary change in human lifestyle in next few years .

Major manufactures are already started introducing IOT to their machines .   Realizing the potential of IOT GIZMEON  developed a IOT platform for small machine manufactures . Our solution can be implemented any small /Medium machines like  coffee machines , Printing , cutting machines ,shredders,inverter ,Generators , Motors etc .

Solution overview

IOT Platform
IOT Platform

Key features

  • Ability to control machines using Mobile App
  • Ability to Manage inputs and outputs using cloud based Master controller unit
  • Ability to Manage Multiple machines with various programming options reducing manual interventions
  • Ability to understand key  outputs and predicts capability
  • Ability to operate  Both operator and service engineer Mode
  • Cloud based analytics to predict possible faults
  • Use both Bluetooth Low Energy and Wifi protocols to interact with machines


  • Centralized control and monitoring for machines irrespective of their locations
  • Ability to change configuration parameters and fix issues from control unit
  • Identify voltage ,temperature fluctuations and inform the operator increasing the life span of machine and  availability
  • Unit level control helps to group machine under one production unit and program
  • Reduce the manual efforts



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