Google Family Library can share movies, books, apps


If you’re a member of an Android family, your life just got a whole lot easier. Google Family Library can share movies, books, apps. After unveiling the Family Library earlier this summer, Google officially launched the feature this week, allowing up to six family members to share a single Google account, including any movies, shows, books, apps or games on that account.

For those who aren’t familiar, Family Library will be a way for trusted family members to share Play Store purchases among one another. Unlike the Google Play Music family plan, which requires a $14.99 monthly subscription fee, the Family Library will be free for all Android users. Once you open up a family account, you can invite family members from the Family section of the Account menu in the Google Play app. This concept of sharing content across devices is similar to iCloud’s own Family Sharing plan. –

One Payment Service

Since family members will share content and apps, Google designed this new plan to allow a single payment method, enabling the family “manager” to control the downloading and purchasing of content. It is interesting to note that the family manager needs to approve downloads before a family member can get the content. The manager can also choose who can access content.


 What users have to remember is that even when the purchased videos can be shared across multiple devices through the service, the titles can only be streamed using one device at a time.

Aside from accessing one media at a time, users must also know that sharing is not available for music. Google already has an exclusive service for music streaming, which is Google Play Music All Access. Through this service, users can share music with others, but it comes with a price. This service costs $14.99 every month.

Setting Up

In setting up Family Library, make sure that you are allowed to set up a family group.

The group should have a family manager, who must meet certain eligibility requirements. The manager should be 18 years old and older, has a credit card, and has a personal Google Account and not a member of another family group.

Family members should be 13 years old and above, have personal Google Accounts, be living with the family manager in the same country and not be part of another family group.

As for countries, the Google Family Plan is presently available to those living in the United States, United Kingdom, Germany, Australia, Brazil, Canada, Germany, Japan and France.

The complete guide in setting up and managing a family on Google Play is available via a Google Play Help page .

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