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Agility and responsiveness are keywords in Customer satisfaction.Field staffs who are the point of contact with your customers often live in a different world than most of the support staffs who are at office. Filed Mobility is changing the paradigm about  Field Force now.

Desktops at office keeps ticking, where as field staffs work with the static data. Devices like smartphone and tablets have become cheaper and more powerful, the user interfaces richer and the speed of mobile internet (3G) has become quicker, the time is now right for the wide spread adoption of Field Mobility applications. GizmoFieldMobility Solution is a comprehensive mobility solution to reduce operational cost and increase customer satisfaction.


Gizmeon Filed Mobility Solution
Gizmeon Filed Mobility Solution


Gizmeon Enterprise Field Mobility Solution Methodology

Field Force Study

Gizmeon Enterprise Mobility consultants start from studying process and people used in current Field Force . We will outline business Processes and map with the field force. We will also do a detailed survey with the field force and sales Managers to get their view

Business Case Preparation

Based on above study we will come up with a detailed business case which will highlight the return on investment and opportunities . We will be coming up with a value chart which Gizmeon Field Force Mobility will bring to you. Some of the tangible and non taangible drivers are below

      • Productivity Improvement in Sales Force .Direct cost reduction
      • Sales efficiency improvement – Direct revenue growth
      • Invoice cycle reduction
      • Efficient stock Management
      • Reduction of Resource dependency and faster on boarding
      • Reduction in training cost
      • Speed to Market for  New Launches
      • Work force tracking
      • Digital outlook

Field Mobility strategy

Gizmeon believes Field mobility not just buying mobile and sell via tablet . In order to extract complete benifit we need to define Industry and Organisation specific Mobility road map . Startegy not just provide a digital tools for sales /field operations but also aims to provide digital outlook to field force.

Key considerations will be

      • Current IT landscape and data architecture
      • Secure and role based data availability
      • Current sales demographics and process
      •  Analatics requirement
      • Organisations Digital strategy
      • Current Field Force capabilities

Field Mobility Implementation

Gizmeon brings ready available products and solutions and implement the Field Mobility Solutions in  a shorter time period . We also will be part of migration and training of  Field Force

 Field Mobility Review 

 Field Mobility strategy need Periodic review and upgradation  along with New Product Launch and business process changes .
interested  please write to us at [email protected]
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