Full Stack Development

Full Stack Development

Gizmeon being aggressive in new technology adoption realized the potential of Jave script technologies in early stages of  growth of Java script technologies.We are one among the leading full stack developers who can execute projects faster and efficiently with reduced TCO (Total cost of operations).

Combining with our Big Data experience gizmeon offers full stack development using Mean stack technologies .MEAN includes MongoDB, ExpressJS, AngularJS and Node.JS undder one umbrella.  The combination of these technologies allows a rapid development of  high performing applications

We help companies to adopt of JS technologies combining with right cloud strategy to build highly performing and scalable applications in with a increase speed to market and with highly optimized infrastructure and maintenance cost

Why Full Stack Development

  • Performance – Light weight mean stack technology components are designed to provide high performance , concurrency and scalability and  low resource utilization
  • Rapid Development –  JS technologies helps company execute in  rapid mode . Easy integration and JSON compatibility ensures faster development for projects with third party integrations
  • Open Source –  Js technologies are open source and supported by large open source community .Also Node JS and Angular JS being developed by google comes up really good documentations
  • Easy Maintenance and Enhancement  – As Java script is used as a primary language  across tiers  maintenance and enhancement is easier

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Our Full Stack Development Services

Mean stack Development

MEAN  is full-stack JavaScript framework  ensures a rapid development with high efficiency.Mean stack is a JS based technology stack comprising of  four pillars MongoDBExpressJSAngularJSand Node.js. Mean is widely used to develop feature rich Web Applications . Key advantage of mean is the ability to use single programming language Java script for backend ,Front end and database  enabling  development and maintenance cycle


React Native Development

With  React Native we can develop Android and IOS native apps using Javascript . React natives helps us to develop cross platform apps in shorter duration. One of the main advantages of  React native over other hybrid Mobile App development platforms is react native creates the components in native platforms and able to provide closer performance of native apps . React native reduces the over all development time considerably

Node Js Development

Node.js is used in server side for web application development .It’s a platform built on Google Chrome’s V8 JavaScript runtime. It helps in building highly scalable and concurrent applications. . Node.js uses an non-blocking,event-driven I/O model  which is light weight enabling to handle large number of concurrent transactions efficiently.Node js is very ideal to use when we need  to do multiple tasks asynchronously with high performance. We have developed node JS based with less than 30ms latency

Mongo DB

MongoDB is a document based NoSQL database ensures high performance, availability and scalability. Being relatively a new player compared traditional relational databases, MongoDB has captured good market in database landscape mainly due to ability to cater unstructured data and seamless integration capability with programming languages via Json documents. Combination  of  features from relational and non relational databases like  secondary indexes, dynamic queries, sorting, rich updates, upserts mongo db able to handle huge volume of data with high speed

Angular Js Development

With Angular JS we can build front end applications with reusable code across r web, mobile web, native mobile and native desktop.Angualr is developed  by Google, provides great features like  the two-way data bindings which is helping us to maximum reuse of code and ability to work across platforms . With angular we can continue use HTML templates and leverage full potential of  MVC architecture . Being very light weight angular helps to maintain high performance .  Gizmeon  have grate expertise in developing applications in Angular 2.0 /Angular 4.0

Couchbase Development

Couchbase database is a niche growing player in NoSQL document based database in direct completion with MongoDB. Gizmeon uses Cocuchbase in certain Mobile and IOTR projects leveraging some of its unique features  like built-in real-time data synchronization , embedded database  and Built-in full-text search. Another important capability Couchbase offers  is  flexibility in accessing documents and capability to process nested documents. Cocuhbase also offers N1Q an SQL like similar method  to access and manipulate Json data

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