Field Mobility a game changer in Customer Care

Field Mobility is brought a new dimension to Sales and Service Operations in Enterprises.  We could see a large of Enterprises are looking at various Filed Mobility Options to improve their customer experience. From our experience we could see that Filed Mobility not only improve customer experience but also improving Bottom line and top line of the companies

Traditional Approach

Most of the Enterprises will have a ERP taking care of customer care, finance and Other operations .These could be stand alone or integrated. There is also many small sales and marketing products. Sales Executive close the deal with customer and enter the details in CRM. One of the major problem is even though systems are integrated – Many of the operations are done by different teams. There is also offline approvals – customer queries happening which even may be done by third parties. After comes it comes delivery.  The business where delivery happens physically – often loose customer trust simply because of lack of communication

Field Mobility

With help of Mobile Applications – Field Mobility connects the Manual touch points and also offers a customer a good view of end to process .

Sales Executive App

It starts from lead Management – Customer calls and raise a request . It can be immediately assign to a Filed person who is near by location .   Sales person is equipped with  mobile app will have up to date information of Products ,Prices because he is real time connected to ERPs. Companies like  Retail distributors always have a challenge with stock and Order correctness. All issues can be addressed with careful design of Sales Executive App. Mobile App Also enable  Sales executive with complete information including videos of the products

Apps Connecting internal operations

Data From Sales Executive is a direct input to various departments of  Field Mobility including logistics . Location capabilities will help to  make informed decision

Customer App

Enabling customers with a Mobile app will help them to track including the location and expected delivery etc

Dealer App

Sales Management with dealers another big pain area and often cause business impacts to communication gaps and supply Management .

How do we take up Filed Mobility

One of the often mistake companies do is buy a plug and play product and implement as is . The important reason it normally fails is customer care is the area which companies want to have uniqueness and agility in dealing . And over period of time – companies and customers adopt their uniqueness .  Another big failure reason is in compatibility with existing IT estate

What we do is a care full study of the as is state ,uniqueness and future vision and then customize the filed mobility platform .There is always a great difference on Actual sales techniques and IT management knows . . We do workshops with various stakeholders to understand their process. Over a period of time we have achieved requirement gathering and  Job card design standard approach which is helping our customers to derive complete benefit from Field Mobility.

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