Facebook App Development – Messenger Bot

Facebook App Development – Messenger Bot

Facebook introduced Facebook Bot – A great way for business to interact with Facebook Messenger users.  Companies Like Uber and Dominos have already started receiving orders via Facebook Bots.  If your company is looking for new way of generating leads offering customer support we can create a Facebook Bot for you. Facebook App Development is one of the key ways of  creating leads via social media. If you are an e-Commerce Website, Service Provider , Food Brand  – whatever be the industry, Our Facebook App Development team can tap your potential customers or give an easy way to reach them via a Facebook Bot

 What is Facebook Bot

  • User can access our Facebook bot via searching in Chat Messenger – these key words Can be set. For Example Dominos Pizza, Pizza Delivery , Shopping etc.
  • We can greet customer with a defined Menu
  • After the customer initiates the conversation we can display our deals , products, services by integrating with our API
  • Users can be taken to our App or website on the specific page when user click on buttons

Why should you use Facebook Bot

Facebook App Development
  • Facebook have more than 1 Billion Active customers
  • Facebook Messenger daily process around 60 Million Messages
  • Facebook is planning to have much more features including Natural language Processing and Customer Matching (Already in USA) to Bots and Already leading Big brands are already having Facebook bots
  • There is an increased trends towards Social Commerce and it is expected to grow in coming future
  • Social media is the one of the major traffic and referral source for e-Commerce already
  • Creating an early traffic via Facebook Bots will help to rank top in some of the keywords if we onboard it before our competitors
  • Sample Facebook BOTs – Dominos (Order Pizza in USA), Uber in USA (Book Car in USA)


Simple Approach For Facebook Bot implementation


Facebook Bot Approach

if you are looking for Facebook Bot Development, Please connect with us by emailing to info@gizmeon.com