Facebook App Development – Messenger Bot

Facebook App Development – Messenger Bot

Facebook introduced Facebook Bot  – A great way of  Business can interact with Facebook Messenger  users.  Companies Like Uber and Domions are already started receiving Order via Facebook Bot .  If your company looking looking for new way of generating leads , Offering customer support we can create a Facebook Bot for you. Facebook App Development is one of the key way of  creating  leads via social Meda. If you are an eCommerce Website , Service Provider , Food Brand  – whatever we be the industry Our Facebook App Development team  can tap your potential customers or give an easy way to reach you via developing a  Facebook Bot

 What is Facebook Bot

  • User can Access our Facebook bot via searching In  Chat Messenger – These key words Can be set . For Example Dominos, Pizza , Pizza Delivery ,Shopping etc.
  • We can Great customer with a defined Menu
  • After customer initiating the conversation we can display our deals ,products ,services by integration with our API
  • Users can be taken to our App or website on specific page when user click on buttons

Why Should you use Facebook Bot

Facebook App Development
  • Facebook have more than 1 Billion Active customer
  • Facebook Messenger daily process around 60 Million Messages
  • Facebook is planning to have much more features including Natural language Processing and Customer Matching (Already in USA) to Bot and Already leading Big brands are  already on Facebook bot
  • There is an increased Trends towards Social Commerce and expected to Grow in coming  future
  • Social media is the one of the major traffic and referral source for eCommerce already
  • Creating an early traffic via Facebook Bot will help us to top rank in some of the keywords if we on board before our competitors
  • Sample Facebook BOTs – Dominos (Order Pizza in USA) , Uber in USA (Book Car in USA)


Simple Approach For Facebook Bot implementation


Facebook Bot Approach

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