eCommerce Analytics Platform

Interbeeps -eCommerce Analytics Platform

Gizmeon   Launch Our eCommerce Analytics Platform as part of our Big Data Analytics Platform Interbeeps ( aiming to help Ecommerce vendors to increased sales and revenues by efficiently using Data based Analytics

eCommerce Analytics

Solution offers a complete cloud based platform with easy integration capabilities with Websites and Mobile Apps to product detailed Analytics to help ecommerce vendors to make right decisions on pricing and Marketing Campaigns

eCommerce Analytics

Key Considerations

  • One of the key difference is the platform brings  tools and Web services to interate with the eCommerce applications which can directly influence the App Behavior based on Analytics Great Integration capability with Mobile Apps and Web sites
  • Cloud based solution fit for everyone irrespective of small or Big Vendors
  • Easy creation of custom reports and can accommodate any specific business requirements
  • Integration capability with Apps to influence App behavior based on Analytics
  • Big Data Implementation ensures High Data volume management
  • Ability to integrate with

Key Features

  • Key Metrics – eCommerce Reporting dashboard offers 100+ reports with custom reporting capability. Key High level reports
    • Product wise View / Action /Reports
    • User Activity Reports
    • Search Analytics
    • Top Trending Categories
    • Categories wise user interests
    • Customer Demographics
    • Business Pending in Cart
  •  Targeted Campaigns
    • Display of Products based on Search / Previous Views
    • Push Notifications Based on Previous Search and Product view
    • Coupons based on Products in Cart
  • Competitor Analysis
    • Price Comparison

Key Business Drivers

  • Accurate data on What customers are interested  enable you to  focus also to understand  user behavior and journey
  • Targeted content display  will help users to make faster decisions
  • targeted Promotions will help  faster closure of sales
  • Competitor Price comparison will help  to understand the market and adjust our offers and prices

Enterprise Implementation with Online Reputation Management

Our enterprise Implementation includes a complete Brand Management and Online Reputation Management

Key Modules

  • Sales Predication
  • Advanced Supply Chain Planning

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