Company overview

Gizmeon is one among the emerging digital solution providers with excellent capabilities in Mobile App Development, Big Data, Artificial intelligence and IOT

Gizmeon is started by a set of IT professionals with vast experience in IT industry. From inception we realized the potential of digital technologies and anticipated future influence of digital in the business. By this early adoption we could gain wide variety of experience in Mobility, Big data and Artificial intelligence verticals

We see ourselves as a future thinking group of passionate IT professionals with great appetite to learn and adopt new technologies

Our mission

  • Enabling Digitization Learn and help our clients to adopt digital technologies in a constructive way to improve the way business is done
  • Grow with your partners – Create an echo system and professional environment to enable our partners and clients to grow together
  • Best  minds in work – Make Gizmeon most enjoyable place to work by creating a friendly and trusting environment and considering employees as most valuable assets
  • Foster Entrepreneurship  – Share our knowledge and work with Start-ups and Entrepreneurs and grow along with them

How we work

how can we help you?

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Why choose us

Global Experience

By working with clients across globe in various industry verticals, Gizmeon team is well equipped with all qualities you expect from a professional IT partner. We adopt latest communication and project management tools to execute projects

Technology is our Passion

We are future thinking technology geeks with appetite to try new things and ability to adopt new technologies

Ability to provide unique solutions to the business

We understand that every organization is unique and ensures our solutions understands the core business principles, problems and opportunities related to each organizations

True IT Partner

We act as a true partner to the business focusing on business growth and strategy by adoption of suitable technologies

Truly Agile

We are a process driven company and execute all of our projects in Agile methodology ensuring a speedy delivery with maximum business interaction

Strong Leadership Team

Gizmeon leadership team have great experience in various segments of IT functions and technologies. All of our leadership team members have experience in Fortune 500 clients and possess strong techniques to execute complex projects projects successfully

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