Brillo,HomeKit – Apple ,Google makes their Big step toward IOT

Brillo,HomeKit – Apple ,Google makes their Big step towards IOT

Apple with IOS 9 and HomeKit Home Automation Framework which enable Apple devices to  communicate with  The Internet of things including Lights ,Sensors ,speakers , security systems, alarms etc. With IOS 9 Apple Healthkit also brings quite new added features including reproductive health

Google on the Other side with its  internet of thing Operating System Brillo  – An Android based operating system to enable Appliances with computing power  and connectivity .

With IOS 9HomeKit with enhanced custom triggers accessories can trigger events based on other Homekit product events or user action. Integrated Homekit – By Siri we can control our appliances. Homekit enforce end to end to end encrypted security systems. Homekit also allows developers to use predefined scenes like getting up, leaving home etc

HealthKit and Health App – IOS 9 brings quite bit of advances to Health App – including an option to log reproductive health data like Menstruation cycle. Using Healthkit hardware manufactures now can push data to IOS 9

IOS 9 Beta is available for developers now

Brillo –  Brillo is Operating System for Appliances . Brillo is based on android . Brillo is a light operating system  will enable Appliances to communicate using a Cross-Platform language called Weave. By introducing Weave google targets to Brillo to connect with IOTs across platforms and regardless of hardware.  Android Devices will be able to communicate with Brillo Powered appliance and control them .  We will share more details on Brillo in a separate Blog.

Here it is Brillo

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