Android Marshmallow

Android  Marshmallow (android M) is now being the latest android OS, whose third and final previews are just released. Android M has astonishing features which are incorporated so as to impress more people towards android phones with the latest android OS.


It has made a lot of changes in which the most important features includes in terms of Finger print support, App links, Mobile payment support, App Permission changes, Flexible volume controls, Home screen rotation and many more. One of the major factor that highlights this version is the improved battery life along with faster charging. However, it may depends on the devices too.

Android M ,hopefully will be released on September 29 , 2015 along with the release of Nexus 6.
Here are some changes adapted to android 6.0
• Android Platform change:
Final permission user interface for installing application has been changed. Now there are only 8 permission categories. An opt –in system is used now, in which users are prompted to grand or deny individual permissions.

• Finger Print API updated:
It supports finger print recognition on supported devices through a standard API. Fingerprints can be used for unlocking devices and for authentication purposes.

• Mobile Payments:
Android Pay is the payment method which is also introduced in this version to make payments and checkout easier and faster.

• Home screen Rotation:
Screen rotation is put into appearance for home screen, so that the user can rotate the home screen and enjoy the landscape mode both in home screen as well as for applications.

• Power and Charging:
Android M supports USB Type-C with the ability to charge other devices over USB, Improved battery life and faster charging.

• App Links:
Verified links can be configured to open directly in their specified application without any other user prompts.

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