Key Features of our Bot Development

Now a days messaging Chat bots are becoming more and more popular. Artificial intelligence(AI) and natural language Processing (NLP) advancements further encouraging businesses to  leverage chat bot capabilities

Gizmeon chat  bot development team can develop a chat bot for the businesses and integrate over various channels including  Facebook , Web/Mobile Apps etc .  We have developed chat bot for some of the leading  businesses and eCommerce platforms. Gizmeon already developed a chat bot platform which enable us to quickly develop and deploy a cost effective chat bot  in very short time .

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What is a chat bot?

According to Gartner By 2020, customers will manage 85% of their relationship with the enterprise without interacting with a human(Ref:Gartner Report) .

Chat bots provides an automated  human like conversation capability with the help of  Artificial Intelligence and Natural Language Processing. Using chatbots businesses can interact customers and answer customer queries and complete multiple business transactions with out human interaction .

Key reasons to build a bot

  • Go Social – A new sales and Operational channel

Enable users with a new interactive sales channel and capability to generate sales from social media

  • Reducing costs

Reduce cost by reducing human effort for repeated tasks and repeated works

  • Manage  increase in volume with low additional cost

A chat bot will help you to handle increased volume of customer queries with low additional cost

Facebook Bot Development

Our Chat bot development

Unique Designs

Unique  Bot designs to ensure bot stands out from others

Intelligent Bot

AI /NLP integration to give a  smooth conversation experience to users

Continuous Improvement

Leveraging of our analytics and Big Data learning experience , we are able to provide a continues improvement cycle to bot

Smart targeting

Ability to re target right audience leveraging our analytics driven digital advertising platform interbeeps

End to End Integration

We seamlessly integrate bot with back end application to provide a complete user experience to audience 

Smart Messaging

Integration with various advertising channels and leveraging our analytics driven digital advertising platform interbeeps

Facebook Messenger bot

Facebook offers  Facebook Chat bot  option to businesses to interact with customers . With 1.2 billion monthly users Facebook Messager  Facebook chat bot offers a great channel to enterprises to interact with customers .  Facebook  messenger platform have many capabilities to customize chat bot and provide a unique experience to customers.

Facebook continue bringing new capabilities in every releases and considers chat bot as one of their key strategic platform

chat bot development

Why Facebook bot?

  • Ability to customers to make order , avail service via facebook messenger is a great opportunity for business
  • Facebook provides many tools to developers enabling us to provide great interactive experience to customers
  • Ability to re target customers based on profile and past usage
  • Ability to improve conversion of Facebook Ads using the messenger bot

Intelligent bot

Chat Bot Maturity Model

It is important to understand a maturity model for bot and define specific strategy for each organization  before starting with a bot  project. It is important to understand that still in evolving stage and many companies like Facebook are rolling out new features every day . Artificial intelligent and machine learning algorithms needs to continuous evaluated . It is also important to keep upgraded bot with organization  changes  as once customers start using it , they pursue the bot as a real time support center

Business case for Bot Implementation

New sales and marketing channel

Facebook being regularly used by many customers Facebook bot is becoming a great channel to generate business

Being closer to customer

Bot offers a great way to stay in touch with  customers and  being always available to customer on their finger tip 

Operational cost reduction

A chat bot can reduce cost considerably  by diverting simple /medium requests and inital hand data collection from live agents to bot


A bot can handle large volume of interactions parallel and handle volume growth effectively


A bot offers efficient retargetting  capabilities  with ability to target right audience with right message .

Self Learning Bot

A bot can continuous learn and adopt to new scenarios quickly by implementing AI and machine learning techniques 

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