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Big Data Company in Bangalore

Gizmeon is a  one of the best Big Data Company in Bangalore.  As a digital solution provider Big data is one of  our key expertise . Our Big data solution team is capable of  implementation of  Big data based analytics.  We are experienced  key technologies in Big data stack including Hadoop , Spark ,MongoDB  , Elastic Search etc

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Why Big Data ?

Big Data Company in Bangalore

  • By exponential growth of data via internet traditional way of Making Decisions are no more effective
  • Social Media  – There is an increased trend of customers expressing their needs , refer social blogs before making decision
  • The variety of sources we get data in increased along with non uniformity of data which is making difficult to  keep and process by traditional sources

How Big Data can Help you  ?

  • BigBig Data Analytics Data will help you to understand your customers , social behaviors , interests better
  • Big Data will help you to fine tune your sales & marketing activities towards your target audience
  • Big Data will help you to arrive decisions based on data rather than assumptions
  • Big Data will be able to enhance the capabilities of current applications by integrating decision points
  • Big Data can reduce overall IT cost

Our Key Solutions

  • Ecommerce Analytics – A comprehensive Analytics and decision making platform for ecommerce. Read more
  • Social Media Analytics – A Consolidated and actionable view of Social Media Analytics .Read more

Big Data Implementation Approach

Gizmeon as a Data Analytics Company supported with  a team of Big data experts have created a wide  set of  practices ,check lists and an organizes approach for Big data implementation .Key approaches are

Big Data Implementation

    • Identify Data Sources – One of the key starting point of  big data is identifying various data sources . Sources could be Web site inputs , POS data , Social media data ,
    • Identify Data  and Classify Data – Next step us  categorizing the granular data  and understanding it
    • Identify the Business Objectives and map against data category
    • Define Consumers – Consumers could be various stakeholders ,teams ever other applications

Big Data Company in Bangalore

    • Define  Implementation strategy – technology ,tools ,Cloud ,Security ,Data Quality-solutions
    • Implement  Big Data
    • Evaluate Outputs
    • Integrate with consumers
    • Continuous improvement

    Where do we start ? Big data  implementation consulting

Our consultants develop a Big Data implementation plan by using initial steps  from above . We use  internally developed checklists and tools . We starts with interviewing various stake holders and carefully evaluating and categorizing each data sources  and service an approach to effective derive and consume Big Data Analytics.

Big Data  key Technologies considerations

  •  Hadoop – Apache hadoop is framework capable of processing large set of data .It allows processing data in a distributed environments across clusers of computers .  Gizmeon have internal team of developers and technical designers experienced in Hadoop. Gizmeon consider Hadoop as integral component of Big Data implementation
  • Spark – Apache spark analytics in Another data processing engine which also brings real time data capability . Speak brings key functionalities- Advances and accelerated data query , Machine Language capabilities , presentation layer with graph capabilities  and real time data streaming capabilities
  •  Cloud providers – As big data definitely need high processing capabilities and data storage . As a great blessing there are many  relaible loud providers  . IBM Bluemix , Google Computing Engine , Amazon clouds are few examples . Choosing a right Big data cloud provider is a key  decistion to make during the Big data strategy development
  • Cocchbase – one of the emerging NoSQL Database .Key advantage of couchbase is  its performance , SQL capabilities and Mobile Synchronization capability
  • MongoDB – One of the leading NOSQL database known for its ease of implementation
Big Data is going to be a key business tool for future . Companies who able to implement a reliable and business focused Big data solution is going to take advantage from others. Please email us to [email protected] to know more about Big Data solutions and to implement a Big data solution for your company

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